How Does Hosting Work?

How Web Hosting Works

Before an individual or company hosts a website, he or she must create a domain name or the website address. The domain name acts as an IP address that identifies the website of the company from the rest on the internet. Secondly, the company needs to set up a domain server name commonly known as Domain Name System (DNS) that helps in keeping track of information and routing potential clients to the website.

Finally, with the domain name and the domain name servers, the company then places the website files on a server through a process called hosting. By doing so, when a user types the domain name in the web browser, the DNS routes the user the correct computer or server that holds the files hosted on that particular server forming a complete cycle of events.

What Hosting Companies Use to Host Multiple Websites

Under normal circumstances, hosting companies host many different websites at the same time. To host many websites, hosting companies make use of different types of hosting such as shared web-hosting service and reseller hosting. With shared web hosting service, the hosting company hosts several websites in one server. In fact, all domains in shared web service can use the same resources for example Random Access Memory and Central Processing Unit.

Reseller web-hosting on the other hand makes it possible for the clients to host their websites by themselves. Reseller web hosting accounts vary in size depending with the requirements clients. Reseller web-hosting therefore enables many different clients to host their websites simultaneously.

How Hosting Companies Hold the Many Servers

To hold many servers, hosting companies need server racks for the purposes of data protection and organisation. The racks come in many types and sizes to meet the unique demands of the servers. They include open frame racks, relay racks, transport racks, portable racks that offer mobility, and wall mount racks normally fixed on the walls. Manufacturers can also make specially designed racks made from watertight outer shells complete with internal shock isolators mostly used in areas that experience harsh environments.

Server racks are very important equipment especially for companies that offer web-hosting services. These racks come in varying sizes and models depending with the amount of data that a company wants to store. Web hosting services refer to internet hosting services that enable companies to present their websites through the World Wide Web.

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